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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the inclusions of the booking?

Breakfast meals for the total number of persons per cabin

Free use of selected activities (use of swimming pool, archery, kayaking, bike, badminton)

Free parking and pick up service at Gulf Gas Station in San Miguel (Main Road)

2. What is the check in and check out time?

Check in - 2pm

Check out - 12nn

3. Are early check in and late check outs allowed?

This will depend on availability of the units. The resort may charge an additional fee per succeeding hour.

4. What is the maximum no. of persons per cabin and how much will it be?

Additional pax is allowed but with additional payment (2 y.o. below is free, above 2 y.o. with charge).

Regular Occupancy:

Couple cabin - 2 pax

The Cabin - 6 pax

Maximum Occupancy:

Couple cabins - 3 pax maximum

The Cabin - 8 pax

5. How to pay for the additional pax?

We only require full payment of the cabin. Additional charges must be settled upon checkout.

6. I can't book. How to proceed?

Please call our hotline for direct bookings: 09675832604

7. Are we allowed to bring food and beverages?

We allow small snacks and bagged chips (without corkage).

Outside beverages (without corkage) are allowed but request of ice from the bar will be charged minimally.

We have an in house restaurant for your convenience.

8. Is cooking/grilling allowed in the resort?

STRICTLY NO COOKING/GRILLING inside the resort. Resort have the right to refund unruly guests.

9. Do you allow pets?

The resort allow small and tamed pets.

10. Are photoshoots allowed? (Pre-nup/Pre-debut)

We require at least 2 loft cabins to be booked by the guest.

11. What is your safety protocol during this pandemic season?

All guests are required to fill out the health declaration form.

Guests will undergo temp checks.

Everyone will be required to use face mask at all times while staying on common areas.

All rooms will be sanitised through cleaning and fog disinfection.

Activities must be scheduled during check in to maintain social distancing.

Number of guests inside the resort is very limited.

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